n. small duct, small tube

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • aberrant ductules — 1. ductules that are not usually present, or that follow an unusual course or direction. 2. ductuli aberrantes …   Medical dictionary

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  • ductule — A minute duct. SYN: ductulus. aberrant ductules [TA] the superior or inferior diverticula of the epididymis. SYN: ductuli aberrantes [TA], aberrant ducts, ductus aberrantes, vasa aberrantia. biliary ductules the excretory ducts of the …   Medical dictionary

  • duct — A tubular structure giving exit to the secretion of a gland or organ, capable of conducting fluid. SEE ALSO: canal. SYN: ductus [TA]. [L. duco, pp. ductus, to lead] aberrant ducts SYN: aberrant ductules, under ductule …   Medical dictionary

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